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Vodafone Ireland research shows Irish businesses are upbeat about future

Recent research has shown that the amount of Irish businesses confident about their future is as high as 73%. Vodafone Ireland commissioned the research, which involved some 300 Irish businesses and was part of a research study that was carried out globally.

In interviews, the companies were questioned about what type of business opportunities and challenges they were currently facing, and how they would be planning for the future.

Challenges and opportunities

Though the study revealed optimism among Irish businesses about change, only 25% of those interviewed felt that they were properly prepared for it. This included tackling the challenge of market trends, and, in the coming five years, being able to seize business opportunities offered by developments in technology.

Of those businesses that said they didn’t feel properly prepared for future challenges, 86% were keen to bring in rapid responses concerning changing business demands. Communicating with customers individually, and in an interactive way, was seen by 88% as a key part of any rapid response, with customer privacy being a high priority.

Among the challenges businesses were concerned about, was trying to effectively introduce flexibility into working environments, aspects of security and risk management, and the ability to digitally interact with customers. The businesses that were upbeat about the implementation of IT and communications strategy were more likely to grasp opportunities that would enhance the state of their business.

Vodafone Ireland’s Enterprise Director, Anne Sheehan, commented on how businesses were being driven by “evolving trends and new technologies”. Ms. Sheehan also said that it was important to realise that, today, accessibility concerning customer engagement has never been better.

In getting to understand what their customers want, efficient management of analytics was crucial. Ms. Sheehan also explained that the phone and broadband provider understood that businesses needed to be able to supply employees with the latest technology. Ms. Sheehan added that Vodafone Ireland was working with businesses of all sizes to provide them with “a tailored suite of services” to help them with the challenges they were facing.

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