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Vodafone launch new fibre broadband and home phone packages

Vodafone Ireland launches fibre-powered broadband up to 10 times faster than ADSL

Vodafone customers in Ireland can now choose from a range of new fibre power broadband packages that boast speeds up to ten times faster than regular broadband.

The launch took place on Monday (May 20th), the same day eircom introduced their eFibre service to the market. Vodafone are giving both new and existing customers a choice of broadband packages, some of which boast impressive speeds reaching up to ten times faster compared with average ADSL broadband speeds.

These top fibre power broadband speeds, which reach up to 70Mbps, are currently available to 300,000 homes and businesses across Clare, Donegal, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Sligo, Wexford and Wicklow. Elsewhere, customers will be able to take advantage of the same product and all the associated benefits but broadband speeds will peak at the highest speed the line can support.

Vodafone is giving its customers the choice between standalone fibre power broadband or combined broadband and home phone packages. Prices start at €30 a month and Vodafone customers can upgrade without being subjected to extra fees.  

Entry level packages

Vodafone Simply Broadband – This option features standalone fibre power broadband at speeds of up to 70Mbps, capped at a 20GB usage (€30).

Vodafone Home – Customers who opt for Vodafone Home can enjoy unlimited broadband usage at speeds of up to 70Mbps. This all-inclusive package also comes with landline and international calls and 100 mobile minutes (€40).


Higher spec packages

If you’re looking for that something extra, Vodafone has a number of packages that offer extra features to cater to all needs.

Vodafone Simply Broadband Max – Customers can benefit from unlimited fibre power broadband with speeds of up to 70Mbps (€35).

Vodafone Home Extra – In addition to enjoying unlimited fibre power broadband with top speeds of up to 70Mbps, customers who opt for this package will get 100 Irish mobile/international minutes and unlimited landline calls to local, national and UK numbers (€47.50).

Vodafone Home Extra Max – This comprehensive package offers unlimited broadband at speeds of up to 70Mbps, 200 Irish mobile/international minutes and unlimited landline calls to Ireland and the UK. It also includes 30 minutes to UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand mobiles (€55).

 Marcel de Groot, Consumer Director at Vodafone Ireland said: “Customers can now choose from a range of new fibre-powered broadband packages. You only pay for what you need and most packages come with unlimited broadband usage.” He added that ensuring plans were kept simple “allows the customer to be in control, choosing a plan that fits their needs without compromising on quality or speed”.

Vodafone have put a strong focus on reshaping and simplifying their broadband and home phone options with the launch of these new packages. Previously the provider offered four different “broadband only” and six “broadband and home phone” packages to choose from. On paper the new broadband and home phone deals certainly appear better value for money than previous offers.

This new streamlined approach to the company’s broadband offers should also make the process of choosing a single broadband package or bundle easier for customers.

How does Vodafone’s fibre broadband and home phone compare with eircom?

Vodafone’s entry level unlimited broadband and home phone package, “Vodafone Home Extra” and eircoms equivalent deal “eFibre Unlimited” work out the exact same in terms of cost when you compare the two packages. Both amount to €570 on an annual basis.

For new vodafone and new eircom customers the yearly cost for both bundles rises to €610 when you factor in the additional once off connection fees of €39.99 and €40.00 respectively. Subsequently the similarities in price are not all that much of a surprise when you consider that both offers provide unlimited broadband usage and they both include very similar call package features. The only noticeable difference is in terms of the download speeds on offer.

“Vodafone Home Extra” is advertised as capable of delivering speeds up to 70Mb while “eFibre Unlimited” is advertised as  being able to deliver speeds up to 50Mb. However Vodafone and eircom customers should expect to achieve speeds more likely in the region of 30-50Mbps initially with further speed enhancements planned to be introduced later this year. Vodafone’s fibre broadband service relies on the same fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) cable broadband technology as eircom’s eFibre service.

So in theory Vodafone should be able to deliver similar speed performance levels as eircom’s service.

Compare the latest Vodafone broadband and home phone packages.