Vodafone top mobile network in Dublin, according to new report

The report, from Rootmetrics, found Three and Vodafone subscribers in Dublin are achieving faster data speeds than those with the same networks in London.

Maeve McLaughlin
by Maeve McLaughlin on 13th July, 2016

Rootmetrics, an independent mobile analytics firm, has released its first report into the performance of mobile networks in Ireland - and the results make for an interesting read.

The company visited each of Ireland’s three largest metro areas - Cork, Dublin, and Limerick - and tested mobile networks in each area for things that impact people’s everyday mobile experience: Overall Performance, Network Reliability, Network Speed, Data, Call, and Text.

They carried out over 32,000 tests, including more than 80 indoor locations, so they could accurately judge real-world performance under real-world conditions.

Broadband speeds

Interestingly, one of their main findings was that Three and Vodafone subscribers in Dublin are achieving faster data speeds than those in London, with median speeds of 14Mbps and 28.7Mbps respectively. In London, the speeds for these two networks were 9.6Mbps and 11.4Mbps.

eir Meteor customers are achieving median speeds of 21.6Mbps in Dublin - there is no London counterpart for them, so no comparison was made, but this is still an impressive speed.

Overall broadband performance results

Overall, the report found that eir Meteor and Vodafone came out top, with eir Meteor winning out on Overall Performance in Limerick, Vodafone taking Dublin, and the two providers sharing the glory in Cork. Across all of the categories, Three picked up 6 accolades, eir Meteor got 10 and Vodafone ended up with 14. Some of the categories had joint winners.




Vodafone took all of the awards in Dublin, meaning that for reliability, network speed, data, calls and texts, customers of this provider in the capital are doing pretty well. It was more mixed in the other cities, with joint winners in most categories.

You can review the reports in full on the RootMetrics website.