TV remote pointing at TV to change channel

Will you have to pay the TV licence even if you don’t have a TV?

Maybe, if new proposals from Minister Denis Naughten come to pass.

According to the Irish Independent, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten, is planning to “broaden the reach” of the current TV licence fee.

This could mean the licence fee will be applied to the likes of laptops and large tablets.

Recent research from showed that one in ten Irish consumers now watch the majority of their TV content via paid streaming services - like Netflix.

Meanwhile, a further 5% say they mostly watch free streaming services, like the RTÉ or TV3 players.

The reported proposed changes would mean that people like this would be paying for a TV licence - even if they don’t own a TV.

The Irish Independent has said that its sources suggest only devices with screen sizes about 11 inches would be included - so whether or not you’re charged could depend on your device.

These changes have not yet been confirmed by Minister Naughten, but if they do come down the line, it will be interesting to see how they’re enforced and whether the take from the licence fee will be hugely impacted.

As soon as any changes are confirmed, we’ll update our blog with the latest news.