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April sees the highest number of electricity switches on record

Almost 40,000 Irish consumers switched gas or electricity supplier in April

Results from the latest CER Change of Supplier Report suggests that competition in the market is on the rise, with a significant number of domestic customers choosing to switch their gas or electricity supplier in April.

The CER announced at the end of May that Bord Gáis Energy’s gas supply service would be fully deregulated on 1 July, a move that is widely expected to see a further increase in competition among energy suppliers in the coming months.

According to the latest data, the month of April saw a total of 30,330 electricity switches - the highest number of monthly switches recorded by the CER to date. The report also highlights a high number of gas switches with 9,260 consumers opting to change their gas supplier in April. This figure also indicates the highest number of switches in the domestic gas market so far in 2014.

All energy suppliers saw some change to their customer numbers, with the main figures reported below. Bord Gáis Energy Bord Gáis Energy reported a mixed result this month with a net gain in their electricity customers numbers but a net loss in their gas customer numbers.

They lost 5,772 customers but gained 7,246 for a net gain of 1,474 in the electricity market, while their net loss within the gas market was 3,309 customers following a total loss of 3,905 and a slight gain of 596. Electric Ireland In a reversal of the trend shown with Bord Gáis Energy, Electric Ireland performed better in the gas market than they did in electricity.

Their total loss for electricity customers was 11,726, with 8,632 gained resulting in a net loss of 3,094. On the gas market front, their net gain was equivalent to 1,354 customers as their total loss of 1,853 customers was exceeded by a gain of 3,207 customers. Energia Performing well in both markets, Energia reported net gains of 4,929 customers for electricity (total gain: 5,854; total loss: 925) and 2,416 for gas (total gain: 2,553; total loss: 117).

SSE Aitrticity SSE Aitricity saw a net loss in both electricity and gas customer numbers with a total loss of 6,323 customers for electricity and 469 customers for gas. This resulted in the the highest net loss figure for electricity customers out of all suppliers in the month of April. Flogas Natural Gas Flogas Natural Gas remained fairly consistent; losing 947 customers and gaining 934 for a net loss of just 13. PrePayPower PrePayPower had a net gain of 2,786 electricity customers after gaining 3,156 in total and losing just 370.

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