Electricity pylon and cables in the night sky

Bord Gáis Energy price rise approved by CER

Bord Gáis announce that they will be increasing their domestic gas prices from October 1st

Eoin Clarke, Head of Switcher.ie , warns of the impending impact on energy consumers, “The fact that Ireland’s largest supplier of domestic gas is increasing its prices is not just a blow to Bord Gáis’ own customers it is also a warning to all consumers that price hikes are back on the agenda. In the past we’ve seen other gas suppliers follow Bord Gáis Energy and increase their prices.

“There is some small consolation in that the increase could have been 7.22%. However, with the average household energy bill already an eye-watering €2,140 a year it’s important that consumers take action now to reduce the cost of their bills. There are two simple steps to doing this – using less energy by making our homes more energy efficient and paying less for the energy we do use by switching to the most competitive tariff to meet our needs.”