Electricity pylon and cables in the night sky

Bord Gáis seeking 7% price hike from October

Switcher urges consumers to be extra watchful of energy costs in light of Bord Gáis’ application to the CER for an increase in residential gas tariffs

The move is another unwanted development for consumers as it paves the way for other suppliers to increase their prices too.

Today’s application from Bord Gáis sends a clear warning that household energy bills are on the rise again.

Research commissioned by uSwitch.ie earlier this year shows that almost three quarters of Irish households (73%) went cold in their own homes last winter in a drastic attempt to keep a lid on their energy bills.

Eoin Clarke, Head of Switcher.ie, says : “This is a serious blow for cash-strapped consumers.  With this price increase set to be implemented on October 1st households will have to brace themselves for higher fuel prices too.”

Last winter, over two thirds of households (69%) rationed their energy use while over two in five (42%) occasionally went without heating. Additionally, over one in three households (36%) regularly went without heating last winter to keep their costs down.

Another round of price hikes this winter will see significantly more people cutting back or rationing their energy use.

“We would urge consumers to make their money go further by taking steps to ensure that their homes are as energy efficient as possible and that they are paying the lowest prices for the energy they use. Households can easily achieve a valuable saving just by moving to dual fuel, paying by direct debit and signing up to a more competitively priced deal.”

Energy customers can ensure that they are on the most cost effective plan by visiting https://switcher.ie/gas-electricity/.