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CER says customers could save up to €499 by switching

The detail is contained in the CER's Retail Markets Report for July to September 2016.

Customers who switch from the most expensive standard rates for gas and electricity to the cheapest discounted plans can save up to €499, according to the latest Retail Markets report from the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER).

Switch and save now

The data in the report is from July to September 2016, and shows that in that period, Energia had the cheapest discounted electricity plan, and Flogas had the cheapest plan for gas.

Switching rates in Ireland

The report also shows that, in that period, Ireland had the highest gas switching rate in the EU for gas - at 16% - and the second highest rate for electricity - at 14%.

While it’s really positive that are amongst the best switchers, what this rate means in reality is that the vast majority of Irish energy customers are missing out on substantial savings by sticking with their suppliers.

This ties in with another recent report from the CER, which showed that a high percentage of consumers could benefit from switching.

How can I switch?

Switching is really straightforward using an accredited price comparison website like

To start the process you’ll need a latest copy of your gas and electricity bill, and the GPRN and MPRN details which are listed on these bills.

In addition, knowing your annual energy consumption in kWh will allow us to make the most accurate supplier comparison and give you a good idea how much you can save by switching.

To complete the switch process you will need your current meter reading - this is so your old supplier can provide you with a final bill and your new supplier can start from that point.

You can find more information in our dedicated guide on switching gas and electricity.

It only takes a few minutes, and you could save hundreds of Euro!

Switch gas and electricity