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Cheep new energy deals and price cuts from Energia

Energia has introduced price cuts of 2% and 2.5% for electricity and gas tariffs respectively, as well as launching two discounts for new customers

Energia is reducing electricity prices by 2% and gas prices by 2.5% from June 3, reducing the average household energy bill by €40.84 per year for all Energia customers.

The reduction in the gas price represents a saving of €20.70 on the average customer bill, while the reduction in the electricity price represents a saving of €20.14 on the average bill.

Energia is the last large gas and electricity supplier to announce price cuts. Bord Gáis Energy, Electric Ireland and SSE Airtricity introduced price cuts earlier this year.

The company is also launching new discounted tariffs for new customers: SmartChoice Dual Fuel CHEEP (gas and electricity) and SmartChoice Electricity CHEEP190 (electricity only).

Standard electricity rates have been discounted by 20% and gas rates by 17% on SmartChoice Dual Fuel CHEEP.

This means a new customer can save €338 per year based on Energia’s standard rates. It is currently the cheapest dual fuel tariff available in the market.

With SmartChoice Electricity CHEEP190, standard electricity rates have been discounted by 19%, meaning new customers can save €190 per year based on Energia’s standard electricity rate.

The discounts are available to any new customer when they sign up to a 12 month contract with Direct Debit and online billing. Both Energia offers end July 31, 2015. The new savings are being supported by a major new “Cheep-Purr” advertising campaign.

Geoff Codd, Marketing Manager of Energia said: “Since we entered the home energy market last year, Energia has consistently offered Irish households the best value dual fuel bundle in the Irish market. This commitment to always offer the most competitive energy prices remains. That’s why we are offering house holders these new savings. We continue to be the best dual fuel and thanks to these new savings we’re also the best electric-only home energy supplier.”

Our new price reductions of 2.5% and 2% for gas and electricity mean that you can save up to €338 on your annual energy bills. We’ve been able to cut prices because the price we’re paying for wholesale electricity and gas for has reduced. We’re delighted to be able to pass these savings on to our customers.

“Energia’s unbeatable home energy offers have proven hugely popular where we now have over 70,000 customers availing of our ‘cheep-purr’ prices.  We’re going to be constantly competitive in the Irish energy market where we have already been instrumental in creating change and driving down electricity and gas prices for our consumers.”

Eoin Clarke, Managing Director of Switcher.ie, said: “Energia’s price reductions will be welcomed by their customers and it’s good to see the last large energy supplier pass on some of the reductions we’ve seen in wholesale prices over the last year.”

“Increased competition in the energy market is benefiting consumers as suppliers come up with greater discounts to win our business. The message to households remains the same, switching saves money. To tackle high energy costs, consumers should take matters into their own hands and shop around for better deals.”

“With a €320 a year difference between the average standard tariff and cheapest energy deal on the market, consumers would be better off making their own price cut by switching. I’d urge consumers to visit Switcher.ie to see how much they could reduce their bills by.”  

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