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Domestic gas and electricity disconnections are on the decrease

Results for June sees 726 household electricity and 392 gas disconnections occur in Ireland

Number of gas and electricity disconnections on the decrease[/caption] New data from the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER), has revealed that the number of domestic gas and electricity disconnections in Ireland continued to fall in the month of June.

According to the latest Domestic Disconnections for Non-Payment of Account for June 2014 report, there was in total 726 electricity and 392 gas disconnections across Ireland.

Part of the CER’s remit is to ensure that the energy suppliers are working under the policies set out by the CER with the aim of reducing the number of disconnections for non payment of energy bills.

The overall trend in recent months suggests that the energy suppliers are meeting the CER’s objectives to reduce the number of disconnections. June results Electric Ireland carried out more electricity disconnections than any other supplier, while Bord Gáis Energy emerged as the leading firm for gas disconnections.

Of the 726 electricity disconnections which took place in June, Electric Ireland’s number of 267 was the most by one supplier. In contrast, Bord Gáis Energy made 199 disconnections and SSE Airtricity made just 181. PrePayPower’s 79 disconnections was comfortably the lowest total by one firm.

However, this is hardly surprising considering that June 2014 is the first month that disconnections data has been recorded for PrepPayPower. It is also worth noting that they have stricter criteria than other firms for carrying out a disconnection.

Significant decrease in gas disconnections

There were just 392 gas disconnections in June, which is a significant decrease compared to the 731 seen in April of this year. Bord Gáis Energy was responsible for 293 of these. In contrast, Electric Ireland (25), SSE Airtricity (53) and Flogas (21) all made significantly lower disconnections. PrePayPower (10.02) and Bord Gáis Energy (6.77) both had notably high disconnection rates per 10,000 customers when it came to electricity.

For Bord Gáis Energy, this represented a rise of 5.23 compared to May 2014. In direct contrast, Bord Gáis Energy saw a fall when it came to gas disconnection rates as they carried out 8.43 gas disconnections per 10,000 customers in June. This represented a fall of 4.62 compared to May.

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