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Electric Ireland forms partnership with Climote

Electric Ireland to make Climote technology available as part of its suite of products

ESB’s retail arm will be providing technology from the home energy firm Climote thanks to a deal between the latter company and Electric Ireland. The technology that will be on offer includes such appealing new devices as a system for using a telephone or computer as a remote control for home heating.

The deal, which cost €800,000 according to estimates, is what Climote hopes to be just one in a series of similar arrangements with other partners.

Future deals will be international: as well as Electric Ireland, the company hopes to court bodies located across the United Kingdom. This could well be the beginning of the Climote device and similar technology becoming located in homes around the globe, although obviously the full extent of its use remains to be seen.

According to the Electric Ireland website the device encourages users to cut down on unnecessary heating levels and thereby save as much as €350 on their bills. The device can be set to run on a schedule, thereby making sure that it is not heating the house while all the occupants are on holiday. The product’s marketing also touts its environmental benefits as an extension of its ability to lower unneeded heating.

This new technology demonstrates how everyday home appliances are becoming interconnected in a range of new ways. By allowing home heating to be controlled using a computer or even a mobile phone it beings new levels of usability to household facilities that have been taken for granted for generations.

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