Electricity pylon and cables in the night sky

Electric Ireland launches new TV advertising campaign

New TV ad is a good representation of the Electric Ireland's new brand image

Electric Ireland has launched a striking new TV ad which has been developed to showcase the direction and positioning of the company’s brand.

The new TV ad was produced by brand advertising specialists Irish International, who worked closely alongside Electric Ireland in the production of the new TV commercial and in the process of defining the company’s new brand image.

The commercial was filmed at various locations around Ireland and depicts many facets of Irish life, intertwined with examples of different forms of energy sources in motion.

The TV ad itself has a very cinematic quality and it reinforces the message that the company has a real understanding of its customers, their unique lifestyles and not just the physical power of the energy it provides. The commercial also features the catchy song “Shine On” by The Duke and The King.

“Power comes in many forms. We understand them all”, is the slogan that sums up Electric Ireland’s new brand positioning and is highlighted at the end of the ad.

Commenting on the new ad, Margret Colton, head of marketing, digital and brand at Electric Ireland said; “it has been a privilege to have had the opportunity to lead the strategic direction and production of an Irish commercial for an Irish audience. To work with an Irish team through planning and execution of this project allowed us to tap into the amazing creative talent in Ireland and we believe that we have produced a commercial that reflects the personality of the company and the direction it is moving in, portraying Electric Ireland as a reliable, trusted energy supplier and passionate, innovative leader”.

The TV ad will run for a period of four weeks from the 28th of March and it’s expected to be aired in frequent rotation.

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