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Electric Ireland study states that happiness is driven by kindness

More than half of Irish people believe they are kindest people in the world

Electric Ireland Powering Kindness Week is returning and research from their latest study has revealed that kindness is the key to happiness in society.

When asked about their perceptions of kindness, 79% of Irish people said they felt happier after performing an act of kindness.

Meanwhile older Irish women are considered to be the kindest, while young Irish men are the least kind according to Electric Ireland’s study.

As part of the Powering Kindness week – taking place until 8 November – acts of kindness will be transformed into a charitable donation of €100,000.

Three Irish charities, Childline, Special Olympics Ireland and Breakthrough Cancer Research are all set to benefit from the gas and electricity supplier’s donation.

Furthermore, 57% of those questioned think that the Irish are kinder than other countries, while 54% said they had received an act of kindness in the last month.

Of those who had received an act of kindness, a whopping 92% said they felt happy as a result while 58% were extremely happy.

Dr Maureen Gaffney, Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Society at University College Dublin, said acts of kindness improve moods and enhance the quality of life in Ireland.

“When someone performs an act of kindness, it makes them feel good about themselves,” she explained.

“Importantly it also gives them a sense of control, allowing them to feel that they can make a change to the lives of those around them.”

Of everybody questioned in the Electric Ireland study, 89% said they had performed a kind act during the last month.

Ken McKervey, Commercial Manager Electric Ireland said the success of the campaign in 2012 has encouraged them to make 2013 “bigger and better”.

“In Electric Ireland, we believe that small acts of kindness can make a big difference to people’s lives and we are proud to be driving such a campaign and supporting three very worthwhile charities.”

Good deeds are recorded through the official website: www.poweringkindness.ie and via social media, with donations of €50,000, €30,000, and €20,000 available depending on which charity records the most.