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Electric Ireland unveils Nest Labs deal at Web Summit

Electric Ireland customers to get Nest Learning Thermostat for free if they sign up to 24 month electricity tariff

Electric Ireland has agreed a deal with Nest Labs that will allow new Electric Ireland customers to receive free Nest Learning Thermostats. Tony Fadell, the founder and chief executive of Nest Labs, unveiled the agreement with Electric Ireland at the Web Summit.

Electric Ireland is the country’s largest electricity supplier, with 1.2m domestic electricity customers. Existing customers will also benefit from the deal with the smarthome device available from just €99, including free installation - a saving of €275 on the standard cost.

Mr Fadell sold Nest Labs to Google for $3.2 billion earlier in 2014 and was involved with the creation of both the iPhone and iPod during his time as an Apple executive.

What is the Nest Learning Thermostat?

After his time at Apple, Mr Fadell launched the Nest Learning Thermostat – a device that creates a personalised schedule based on the demands of its user. The device is programmed like a regular thermostat for a week and then creates a schedule that can then be refined over time if necessary. 

Built-in sensors mean the device can recognise when a home is empty and engage the Auto-Away feature reduces the thermostat temperature during these times so that energy is not wasted. The Nest Learning Thermostat can be operated from any location via a smartphone, tablet or computer and is designed to optimise a home’s heating system so that fuel efficiency is improved. 

How will it benefit Electric Ireland customers?

The deal with Nest Labs means new Electric Ireland customers that sign up to a 2 year electricity price plan will receive the Nest Learning Thermostat for free. There will also be free installation for new customers while existing customers can get the Nest Thermostat by paying a €99 installation fee.

Given that the Nest Learning Thermostat is valued at €375, this deal should appeal to both new and existing customers. The Nest Thermostat is small with a circular dial to control heat manually while a movement sensor recognises when people are or are not at home.

Several apps allow for it to be controlled from any location, meaning customers can be in full control of their home heating from anywhere in the world. With around half of the average Irish household’s annual energy expenditure spent on heating, reducing these costs could result in considerable savings for Electric Ireland’s customers. Electric Ireland are expected to make the Nest Thermostats available for new and existing customers from the 12th of November.

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