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Energia introduces new 17% dual fuel discount

New customer discount will see customers save up to 17% on their home dual fuel energy bills

Energia has announced a brand new discount offer which will allow new customers who sign up online to take advantage of a 17% discount on the suppliers residential dual fuel gas and electricity tariff.

This latest move will come as welcome news to energy customers, as Energia continues its aim to offer the cheapest dual fuel supplier in the domestic gas and electricity market.

Energia are promising further discounts on itsSmartChoice Dual Fuel (Direct Debit & Online Billing, 1 year contract), enabling new customers who switch to the gas and electricity supplier to make savings of 17% off their electricity costs and 16% off their gas costs.

Switching to Energia

In order to avail of the offer, new customers must switch online before April 17th using the special promotion code “DUAL” as a reference during the switching process. The special discount offer is only available to customers who make the switch online.

According to Energia, new customers who sign up will now be able to benefit from a saving of approximately €306 per year by switching to Energia’s dual fuel electricity and gas tariff. The new discounts are based on the suppliers current standard rates.

New customers who sign up to the suppliers SmartChoice Dual Fuel plan will be eligible to receive the discount for the first year of their contract, after which the cost of the tariff will revert to the standard rate once the first year is up.

In part reaction to the launch of the One Big Switch national group switching campaign, Energia is urging customers to “cut out the middle man” and switch directly so that customers can receive the “full benefit”.

Speaking about the introduction of the new discount rate, Gary Ryan, Retail Director of Energia said, “Why make one big switch when you can make a dual fuel switch with Energia. Switching directly to Energia online cuts out the cost of middleman commission, so customers get the full benefit. Energia entered the residential energy market to create fresh new competition and choice for electricity and gas users all over Ireland. That’s why we’re sticking to our commitment to Irish consumers and driving competitive pricing.”

The new 17% discount SmartChoice Dual Fuel plan is available to compare and switch to on Switcher.ie.

Energia is the newest gas and electricity supplier to enter the domestic energy market, having officially launched in Ireland at the end of January this year.

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