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Energia launches cheapest dual fuel tariff

New customers switching to Energia can now save up to €392 on their dual fuel bills, and €260 on electricity.

Customers can now make big savings on their gas & electricity bills with Energia. The supplier has launched a new tariff, SAVEME392 Dual Fuel, which could save the average energy customer up to €392 on their energy bills in their first year, when compared to Energia’s standard tariffs.

Energia - SAVEME392 Dual Fuel

  • 23% discount on electricity
  • 20% discount on gas
  • 1 year free boiler & home heating insurance
  • Paperless billing & direct debit payments
  • Savings of up to €392 in the first year

Energia - SAVEME260 Electricity

For customers switching electricity only. Energia’s SAVEME260 Electricity tariff boasts the cheapest electricity unit rate in Ireland. New customers will receive a 26% discount on Energia’s standard unit rate for 12 months, a saving of up to €260 in their first year for the typical energy user. This tariff also comes with 1 year of free boiler & home heating emergency breakdown insurance.

What do you need to switch?

The switching process takes about 5 minutes and can save you hundreds of Euro. Below is the information you will need to switch suppliers:

  • Your MPRN (it’s located on your electricity bill)
  • Latest electricity meter reading
  • Your GPRN (it’s located on your gas bill)
  • Latest gas meter reading
  • Bank account details including your IBAN and BIC
  • Email address

Both discounts last 12 months, new customers are required to enter into a 12 month contract with Energia. Customers are required to pay by Direct Debit and opt into online billings.

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