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Energia launches cheapest electricity and dual fuel plans in the market

Energia has launched new electricity-only, gas-only and dual fuel plans.

This morning, Energia has launched new discounted tariffs, including web exclusive deals for electricity-only and dual fuel plans.

Here are the details…

Energia’s Clever Dual Fuel

This plan offers a discount of 25% off electricity & 24% off gas, making it the cheapest dual fuel product on the market at the moment. This offer is a web exclusive, available only to price comparison websites.

The discount lasts for 12 months, which is also the length of the contract, and the plan also includes 1 year’s free boiler & home heating emergency breakdown insurance (valued at €50).

Switching to this plan from standard tariffs can save you up to €322.86 per year.

Energia’s Clever Electricity

This tariff offers a massive 31% off electricity-only, which makes it the cheapest electricity product on the market for year 1. This discount is also a web exclusive, and lasts for 12 months, which is the contract duration.

It’s the biggest discount we’ve seen so far on any electricity-only plan. If you are currently on an electricity-only plan at the standard tariff, this plan can save you up to €206.49 per year.

Energia’s Clever Gas

This tariff offers a discount of 15% on gas-only, which is up from Energia’s current 13% discount, and can save customers who are currently on the standard tariff up to €86.41 per year.

Our thoughts on the gas and electricity market

Speaking about this morning’s news, Eoin Clarke, Managing Director at Switcher.ie said: “It’s a really busy time in the energy market. We’ve got cuts to the gas and electricity rates from Bord Gåis Energy coming into effect from October 1st, along with discounts to Electric Ireland’s gas rate. On top of this, Energia has just launched the cheapest electricity and dual fuel tariffs on the market.

“This is great news for consumers as we come into the winter months The Clever Electricity tariff has a massive 31% discount, which is the biggest discount we’ve seen so far. At the moment, Dual Fuel customers could save €348 a year by switching from standard tariffs to the cheapest gas and electricity deals out there[1], so it’s a really good time to switch and make the most of the competitive nature of the market.

“If consumers do switch, we would advise that they take note of when their discount and contract minimum term ends, so that they can shop around again at that stage. Often, when the discount ends, consumers will be placed onto standard rates, which are normally much higher.”

The cheapest deals out there

At the moment, the biggest savings on dual fuel can be made by switching from standard tariffs to the following plans:

  • Energia’s Clever Electricity (Web EXCLUSIVE), saving consumers up to €206.49 per year[1]; and
  • Flogas 20% Direct Debit Discount, saving consumers up to €141.77 per year[1].

The cheapest dual fuel deal on the market is Energia’s new ‘Clever Dual Fuel’ tariff, saving consumers €322.86 per year.

Want to save up to €348 per year? Take 5 minutes to compare gas and electricity deals now

[1] Savings message based on the national average consumption. According to the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER), the average Irish household uses 13,800 kW/h of gas and 5,300 kW/h of electricity per year. Calculation based on Urban 24 electricity tariff. Price includes PSO Levy, Carbon Tax and 13.5% VAT.