Energia logo in front of an electricity pylon

Energia leads the way for switching electricity and gas

Latest CER report showcases market share and switching rates among major domestic energy suppliers

Energia was the biggest beneficiary of customers opting to switch electricity and gas supplier in the first half of 2015, according to new data.

The figures from the Commission for Energy Regulation’s (CER) report on Ireland’s residential gas and electricity market for Q1 and Q2 reveal switching rates and market shares of the major suppliers.

More than 63,000 households now use Energia for their gas and electricity needs and the firm is currently the fastest growing domestic supplier.

Growth of 11.42% was seen between Q1 and Q2 in the domestic sector of the market.

Overall, the total percentage of customers who switched electricity supplier between Q3 2014 and Q2 2015 was 16% while the switching rate for gas customers in the same period was 17%.

Electricity market share

In the domestic electricity market, Bord Gåis Energy, Energia and PrePayPower all saw their respective shares of the market increase between Q1 and Q2.

Energia’s share grew from 2.79% to 3.11%, representing the highest of all growth, while Electric Ireland and SSE Airtricity saw their market share of electricity customers decrease.

PrePayPower continued to gain market share in the domestic electricity market (from Q1 to Q2 2015, +1.65% customer numbers) and in Q2 2015 Pinergy gained 1.05% market share.

Gas market share

In the gas market, a number of gas switches were noted between Q1 and Q2. Energia saw its market share of gas customers rise from 4.52% to 4.78% while Electric Ireland noted an increase from 22.86% to 23.52%.

Flogas saw a 0.2% decline in its market share between the two periods, closing Q2 on 4.89% while Bord Gåis Energy also fell slightly from 51.27% in Q1 to 50.88% in Q2.

SSE Airtricity meanwhile saw its market share drop from 16.45% to 15.94%.

New registrations

There were 4,388 new electricity registrations in Q1 and a further 4,669 in Q2, totalling 9,057 for the first half of the year.

Meanwhile there were 1,727 new gas registrations in Q1 and another 1,974 in Q2, resulting in a total of 3,701 registrations in the first six months of 2015.

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