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February sees a rise in the number of domestic gas and electricity switches

CER report reveals more than 30,000 Irish customers opted to switch gas or electricity supplier

A growing number of Irish customers are switching their domestic gas and electricity suppliers, according to the latest Commission for Energy Regulation data.

The CER change of supplier report for February revealed that 23,813 customers switched their electricity supplier while 8,561 switched their gas.

It represents an increase in the numbers of people switching when compared to January, as more than 5,000 additional customers changed supplier in February.

Overall, the number of people switching is increasing steadily each month following seasonal lows in December, seen both in 2012 and 2013.

In terms of the energy suppliers, all saw different rates of switching, with some experiencing growth in customer numbers and some seeing a decline.

Bord Gáis Energy

Bord Gáis Energy was one of the hardest hit companies in February, losing customers in both the domestic gas and electricity markets.

The company lost 5,000 electric customers in February while it gained 3,012 – meaning a loss of 1,988 customers.

Its position in the gas market was similar, losing 3,574 customers while gaining just 721, meaning 2,853 customers went to different suppliers.

Electric Ireland

Some of the biggest gains in terms of new electricity customers were made by Electric Ireland, as 8,391 new customers opted for the supplier – although they actually lost 8,633 customers in February.

It was a different story in terms of gas though, as the CER report revealed the company gained 3,452 customers while losing 1,830 – an overall gain of 1,622 customers for the month.


Since Energia’s arrival in the domestic energy market in Ireland at the end of January 2014, the supplier gained 3,922 customers in the month of February, while just 754 opted for a different supplier during the same period – a gain of almost 3,200 customers.

A similar story occurred regarding the supply of gas too; as 1,567 customers opted to switch to Energia while only 79 chose to move to an alternative supplier after signing up initially.

SSE Airtricity

SSE Airtricity saw a large loss in terms of its electricity customers, as 8,998 of their customers opted to switch supplier in February, while 4,597 new customers were gained – a loss of 4,401 electricity customers overall.

Meanwhile, 2,215 customers opted for a different gas supplier while 1,865 chose SSE Airtricity to supply their gas, a monthly loss of 350 gas customers.

Flogas Natural Gas

The gas supplier gained 956 new customers in February while it lost 863; meaning Flogas Natural Gas gained just under 1,000 customers.


The electric market saw PrePayPower increase its customer base even further in February, as it gained more than 3,000 customers overall.

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