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High number of customers switching energy supplier continues

The number of customers opting to switch energy supplier in the domestic gas and electricity market increased in October, the Commission for Energy Regulation has revealed.

The CER’s Change of Supplier report for October 2014 revealed that more customers are switching in comparison to a month previously.

Electricity switches

A total of 29,580 customers opted to switch electricity in October  with widespread losses and gains noted by all major suppliers. This represents the highest rate of switches since April 2014 and is the second highest figure in the last 22 months. The highest net gains were made by Energia – only an option for customers since the start of 2014 – with 3,697 new customers.

PrePayPower also noted a net gain of 1,799 customers although it was the only other supplier to report gains, the CER report revealed.

Electric Ireland and Bord Gáis Energy saw net losses of 2,205 and 2,346 customers respectively while SSE Airtricity lost 1,586 overall.

Gas switches

The number of gas switches also increased in October with 10,936 customers opting for a new gas supplier – the highest number since May 2013.

This represents a slight increase from the 10,799 customers who opted to switch in September although it is still some way below past records of around 12,250. Bord Gáis Energy’s domestic gas supply service was fully deregulated in July and the firm has recorded net losses in every month since.

 In October, the supplier recorded a net loss of 2,817 customers with losses considerably higher overall than with any other domestic gas supplier. SSE Airtricity lost 372 customers overall in October while Flogas Natural Gas lost 250.

It was positive news for Energia and Electric Ireland though as both saw net gains. Energia continues to gain customers since entering the market at the start of the year, reporting a net gain of 2,995 customers in October, while Electric Ireland gained 452 customers.

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