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Irish consumers hit with rising solid fuel costs

New carbon tax on solid fuels takes effect from today

Due to the introduction of the new additions to the carbon tax for solid fuels; coal, briquettes and peat are all due to go up in price as of today.

Previously these solid fuels had been exempt from the implications of the carbon tax, but the government has changed its stance on these fuels.

This latest move has sparked some criticism from Advocacy Age Action, who said that the move would prove to be particularly harsh on older people, many of whom depend heavily on these fuels.

The implementation of the tax will be introduced on a phased basis. The rate of tax will start at €10 per tonne and is expected to rise to €20 per tonne by May 2014.

This rise in price will not sit well with home owners, who are reliant on coal and briquettes to heat their homes. Consumers in Ireland will need to pay an extra €1.20 on average for a 40Kg bag of coal.

Whilst the carbon tax is not a new in Ireland, this new addition might prove decisive as to where people buy their fuel, with hardware industry insiders pointing out that people may start buying their fuel from Northern Ireland to avoid the burden of the new tax initiative.

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