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Is now a good time to switch energy supplier?

Switching energy supplier now to the cheapest tariffs could save you up to €334

Is now a good time to switch energy supplier?

The simple answer to this question is ‘Yes’, you should switch now. With energy suppliers introducing a series of discounted gas, electricity and dual fuel tariffs recently, there has never been a better time to switch energy supplier.

Switching energy suppliers is simple, and can result in big savings on annual energy costs. In March of this year, switching suppliers saved customers up to €278 per year. Thanks to the introduction of new tariffs and discounts, customers can now save up to €334 by switching to the most cost effective tariffs in the market.

Who is the cheapest supplier?

The cheapest option at present is to get your energy from two separate suppliers - Energia for electricity and Flogas for gas.

If you want your gas and electricity from one supplier, Energia’s SmartChoice Dual Fuel CHEEP tariff represents the greatest savings for households.

Cheapest dual fuel tariff - Energia

Standard electricity rates and gas rates were recently discounted by 20% and 17% respectively on the SmartChoice Dual Fuel CHEEP plan. There is a €320 per year difference between this deal and the average standard gas and electric tariffs.

Cheapest electricity tariff - Energia

On the SmartChoice Electricity CHEEP180 plan, there is a €168 per year difference between this deal and the average electricity standard tariff.

Cheapest gas tariff - Flogas

With a 20% Direct Debit Discount , there is a €166 per year difference between this deal and the average gas standard tariff.

Calculations are based on the national average consumption. According to the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER), the average Irish household uses 13,800 kW/h of gas and 5,300 kW/h of electricity per year. Prices include PSO Levy, Carbon Tax & 13.5% VAT. Prices correct at July 14, 2015.

Switching from expensive standard tariffs

Recent figures from a survey published by CER found that 12% of electricity customers and 16% of gas customers have switched suppliers in the last 12 months, which is a decrease from the previous year.

Since many customers have not switched supplier, households are missing out on potential savings.

To avail of the biggest discounts customers are required to sign up to tariffs that include mandatory direct debit and online billing. Below is the information that you will need to switch suppliers.

  • MPRN number (it’s located on your electricity bill)
  • Latest electricity meter reading
  • GPRN number (it’s located on your gas bill)
  • Latest gas meter reading
  • Bank account details including your IBAN and BIC
  • Email address

When was the last time you switched?

If you switched over 12 months ago, it is most likely that your introductory discount has now ended, and your energy supplier has automatically moved you to their standard tariff. Standard tariffs are typically the most expensive in the market. Switching from standard tariffs each year will guarantee to save you money on your energy bills.

Why you should switch now

You should switch supplier to ensure you are getting the best deal on the market that suits your needs and saves you money.

Eoin Clarke, Managing Director of, says: “There is now a €334 gap between the average and most cost effective energy tariffs in the market. It’s important that households take control of their energy bills now, and the quickest way of doing this is by switching to the cheapest tariff available. Households can save money now before their consumption rises in the winter. Don’t leave it until the first large winter energy bill comes in.”

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