Several energy efficient bulbs lit up on a table

Living in Dublin? Energy-saving kits are now available from your local library!

If want to learn more about saving energy, these kits might be for you.

Aside from switching to a cheaper energy deal, the biggest way to save money on your energy bills is by making changes around the home to save energy.

So, it’s good news for Dublin residents that special energy-saving kits - to help householders better understand their energy use and reduce their bills - are now available to borrow free-of-charge from all Dublin City Public Libraries.

The kits were developed by the Dublin energy agency Codema and contain six practical energy-saving tools. The tools can identify common issues, including:

  • lack of insulation;
  • poor ventilation; and
  • the appliances that might be driving up electricity bills.

This rollout is being supported by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, who will work with Codema and Dublin City Public Libraries to evaluate the impact of the kits on Dublin households.

Speaking about the rollout, Codema’s Energy Awareness Manager, Verena Brennan, said that the demand from the public during the pilot exceeded expectations.

Ms. Brennan said: “Now we have Home Energy Saving Kits in all Dublin City libraries and in greater quantities as well, so we are very hopeful that this next phase will further encourage the shift in behavioural change that is so desperately needed to improve energy efficiency at both a local and national level.”

If you want to get your hands on one of the kits, you’ll simply need to take a trip to your nearest Dublin City Library.

For more information on the kits, and to see where your nearest public library is, you can visit Codema’s website.

And, if you want to save even more on your energy bills, you can get started with our free, impartial gas and electricity comparison tool.