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March sees a further rise in the number of electricity switches

Latest CER report confirms almost 33,000 domestic gas and electricity customers opted to switch supplier

More and more households are switching gas and electricity suppliers, results from the latest Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) Change of Supplier Report have shown.

According to the latest figures, almost 33,000 customers switched energy services this March, with 24,507 switching electricity suppliers; up from 23,813 in February and 22,973 the same time last year.

The number of customers changing gas supplier dropped slightly, with only 8,457 customers changing their service this March; down from 8,561 customers last month.

Despite this small decline, the overall results of the CER report show a steady increase in the number of customers switching energy suppliers throughout Q1.

Bord Gáis Energy

Bord Gáis showed mixed results this month. They reported a loss of 3,436 domestic electricity customers against a gain of 5,056 – leading to a net gain of 1,620 customers – while domestic gas customers dropped 3,736 with only 645 new customers gained: a total loss of more than 3,000.

Electric Ireland

For Electric Ireland, the situation was reversed. The firm reported a net loss of 1,483 customers for electricity, after losing 9,395 customers in total but gaining 7,912.

For gas, they were up by 1,856 customers after a total gain of 3,535 and a loss of 1,679.


Energia seemed to perform best across the board, with increases for both electricity and gas. On the electricity market, the new entrant to the market lost just 803 customers while gaining 3,909 – a total growth of 3,106 – while gas customers grew by 1,370 after a total gain of 1,426 and a marginal loss of just 56.

SSE Airtricity

Fairly consistent performance was recorded for SSE Airtricity. They lost 8,795 electricity customers but gained 5,519 (a total loss of 3,276 customers) while 2,174 gas customers were lost and 2,101 were gained to generate a total loss of just 73 customers.

Flogas Natural Gas

After gaining just shy of 1,000 domestic gas customers in February, Flogas Natural Gas reported a net loss of 63 customers for March – gaining 747 new customers but losing 810 existing ones.


PrePayPower gained over 3,000 electricity customers in February but for March their net gain was just under this marker at 2,935. Overall, they gained 3,323 customers and lost 388.

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