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Nest Labs launch energy-saving device in Ireland

Nest Learning Thermostat could cut home heating costs by up to 27%

Nest Labs, the firm purchased by Google for $3.2 billion dollars in 2014 has launched its smart thermostats in Ireland. The Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm are customised to give users greater control of their heating and improve safety in the home.

The energy-saving products could cut between 5% and 27% from heating bills, with the firm already noting savings in the region of 20% in both the UK and the US.

These smart home devices are now available to customers in Ireland, providing them with finger tip control over their home heating.

Features and benefits

Nest Thermostats meanwhile are believed to have saved two billion kilowatt hours of energy compared to what may have been spent without them. That is enough energy to power 180,000 American homes for a year while its estimated the average Irish household (consisting of a three-bedroom property) could save around €2,000.

The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself following a week’s interaction with the user when they control their heating manually. The energy-saving product from Nest Labs then creates a schedule based on that information which can then be refined over time to suit each individual user.

This can be done via a smartphone, giving homeowners remote control over their heating systems, cutting the amount of heat that is wasted. Its algorithms learns to program the home itself while schedules can still be altered at a later date to account for differing shift patterns or holiday time. Users are in complete control when deciding what levels of temperature they prefer and also over when they wish the thermostat to be active.

If programmed correctly, it should mean that homes are not heated when they are empty while users away from a property can adjust the settings in order to return to a warm house. The carbon monoxide alarm regularly tests for carbon dioxide and smoke, and highlights dangers in the home. It issues a phone alert when something is detected, so homeowners can be aware of issues, even if they are not in their home. A Nest Learning Thermostat costs €219 while the Nest Protect: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm can be purchased for €109.

A similar device – the Climote system – is already available in Ireland and provides its users with control of home heating from any location.

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