Electricity pylon and cables in the night sky

New customer deal extended by Bord Gáis Energy

Bord Gáis Energy recently changed their deadline offers for new customers from May 31st to June 30th, 2013

This is the third occasion that the utility company has extended the offers for new customers. Included in the offers for electricity customers are a choice of 3 of the following discounted tariffs:

  1. A 10% unit rate discount is being offered to customers that choose to make their payments on a monthly basis, via level pay and who select paperless billing.
  2. A new customer offer of 2,000 Tesco Clubcard points and a 5% unit rate discount, for customers who choose to pay every month through level pay, and who opt for paperless billing.
  3. Just for signing up, 2,000 Tesco Clubcard points is being offered, though there are no discounts with this option for customers who decide not to have paperless billing, or who decline to spread payments with level pay.

Also part of the new customer offer are tickets at a discount price for the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, and of being able to exchange Clubcard vouchers for twice the savings on electricity bills.

Bord Gáis Energy customers will also be given Tesco Clubcard points when they pay their electricity bills.

No gas discounts The Bord Gáis Energy deals don’t extend to gas, because, at present, CER prohibits discounts on natural gas tariffs.

Industry commentators strongly believe that restrictions will need to be lifted in order for the sale of the supply business to be a success.

The sale is expected to have been completed before 2014. Major international companies, such as E.ON, Centrica and GDF Suez, are expected to be among the utility companies that will be bidding. Some 94,000 of Bord Gáis Energy domestic customers are currently in arrears the company has stated, while, in 2012, another 120,000 customers used the company’s payment plans, as well as other initiatives, to pay their energy bills.  

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