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New gas-only tariff from Flogas could save you up to €134

Available now on Switcher.ie to new Flogas customers.

Flogas have launched a new Icebreaker tariff which is now the cheapest gas only deal on the market. This new tariff will help move cash-strapped consumers off expensive tariffs that have been hit by the recent spate of price rises.

How much could I save?

By switching to this tariff a typical household can expect an average annual bill to come in at €708 - which amounts to a saving of €134 a year when compared to typical standard tariffs. The deal is available on a 12 month contract, paying by direct debit.

To sign up to this deal and save, all you need to do is run a free comparison on Switcher.ie and complete a switch application to change over to a cheaper gas deal like Flogas’ Icebreaker tariff.

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Why switch?

There are great savings to be had by switching, not only your gas, but your electricity as well - especially if you haven’t switched in the last 12 months. By switching you’ll usually avail of great introductory discounts that you wouldn’t have access to with your existing supplier.

Right now by switching dual fuel tariffs you could save up to €331 which is a nice bit of extra cash you could put towards your summer holiday or back into your savings.

Switch and save up to €359 on your energy bills

It only takes a few minutes to find a cheaper deal and start saving