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Number of customers switching energy suppliers increases in July

Latest CER report indicates the second highest number of electricity switches on record in the last 18 months

The number of customers switching energy supplier in the domestic gas and electricity market rose in July, according to the Commission for Energy Regulation. The CER’s Change Of Supplier report for July revealed that more customers were choosing to switch than in June 2014. Electricity switches

There was plenty of switching in the domestic electricity market, although there were widespread losses and gains for the major suppliers. In total, 27,508 customers switched electricity supplier in July, the second highest number of domestic electricity switches on record in the last 18 months.

Energia – only on the scene for six months – reported a net gain of 3,766 customers, the highest gains noted by any of the suppliers.

PrePayPower also reported a net gain of 2,788 customers while Electric Ireland, SSE Airtricity and Bord Gáis Energy all lost electricity custom. Electric Ireland recorded the highest net losses of 2,475 customers, although Bord Gáis Energy and SSE Airtricity were just behind, losing 2,349 customers and 2,281 customers overall respectively.

Gas switches

July also saw a high number of gas switches in the domestic market, with 9,231 customers opting to switch their gas supplier. This represented the 3rd highest number of monthly domestic gas switches this year, only slightly behind the figures for January April (9,260) and May (9,286). Bord Gáis Energy’s domestic gas supply service only became fully deregulated in July, and the firm recorded net customer losses in both the domestic gas and electricity markets.

A net loss of 3,398 gas customers was recorded in the month – the highest loss of any major supplier in Ireland. The only other gas supplier to see a net loss in the number of people switching gas was SSE Airtricity, who lost 56 customers overall.

The major benefactors from these losses were Electric Ireland and Energia, who recorded net gains in the gas market of 1,905 customers and 1,171 customers respectively. In the case of the latter, the figures indicate further growth for Energia as the company has consistently gained customers since entering the market in January of this year. Flogas also recorded a net gain in gas customers in July, gaining 241 customers.

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