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Pay As You Go energy customers to benefit from extra emergency credit

Giving households greater protection in unpredictable weather.

Yesterday the CRU announced it will increase the emergency credit for Pay As You Go customers from €5 to €10. It says the change is being introduced to provide greater flexibility to gas PAYG customers and allow for a buffer during adverse weather conditions when it may be harder to top up a meter.

The increase will come into effect for gas customers from 1 December 2018 and electricity customers from 29 January 2019.

What is emergency credit and how does it work?

When PAYG customers are running low on credit they are offered emergency credit to ensure they are not left stranded without supply. This gives the customer a ‘buffer’ to buy more credit and top up their PAYG meter. However, it’s important to remember that emergency credit is a loan and must be paid off in full before being used again.

“Households who find it difficult to monitor their usage and stay on top of their finances often find Pay As You Go tariffs easier to manage - but must keep an eye on their credit and make sure it’s always topped up.”

Eoin Clarke, Managing Director of Switcher.ie says: “This is good news for energy customers who operate a Pay As You Go meter in their home. Heading into winter when the weather can be wild and unpredictable and knowing they can avail of €10 worth of emergency credit means people won’t have to worry about rushing out to buy credit for fear of being cut off.

“However it is important to note that Pay As You Go is usually the most expensive option when it comes to buying energy - so it can be worthwhile checking to see if you can save money by switching to a cheaper plan with a discount for paying by Direct Debit and Online Billing.”

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To find out more about the increase or for details on Pay As You Go energy contact the CRU.