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Pinergy research finds over half of Irish consumers are not actively monitoring their energy usage

The findings form part of Pinergy's 'Consumer Energy Monitor'

Last week, Pinergy published its ‘Consumer Energy Monitor’, which provides some insight into consumers’ attitudes towards their energy consumption.

The findings indicate that over half of households (55%) in Ireland don’t actively monitor their energy consumption or take any steps to adjust their energy usage - which means a significant number of people could be wasting energy, and therefore paying more than they need to for their gas and electricity.

The research shows that the majority of consumers (86%) plan to take some action to reduce their electricity consumption in the next 12 months. If that sounds like you, our energy-saving tips can help you get started.

One of the easiest ways to reduce your consumption at home is to switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs, because they use a fraction of the energy that traditional bulbs do.

As such, Pinergy’s new exclusive online offer could be attractive to anyone looking to make the change to LED bulbs at home. Anyone switching to a Pinergy’s smart meters from now until 30 June will get 20 LED bulbs FREE, as well as €20 credit.

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While prepay electricity generally works out more expensive for the average electricity user than standard electricity plans, prepay meters require topping up before energy is used, so you can’t use more energy than you can afford.

Essentially, this might be helpful for you if you find it difficult to monitor and stay in control of your electricity usage.

Infographic on the Pinergy consumer energy monitor June 2018

Commenting on Pinergy’s online offer, Pinergy’s CEO Enda Gunnell said: “Our latest research shines a light on the huge opportunity that is now available for the many households around the country to see energy in a new way by using smart technology meters to more effectively monitor and manage their overall energy consumption and expenditure.

“The research clearly highlights an appetite amongst the public to take some form of action in the next 12 months to reduce energy consumption and Pinergy’s latest consumer promotion is a real incentive to kick start consumers into taking positive action right now as they embark on this smart energy journey.”

In relation to other key findings, the research indicates that 85% of consumers are quite aware of the impact climate change could have, but nearly one in three are not very concerned about it.

Pinergy says that - according to recent reports - missing EU climate change and renewable energy targets will cost the state well in excess of €450m, and if we don’t take action on this, it’s possible that electricity users will end up footing the bill through the PSO Levy or Carbon Tax.

The research also shows that Irish consumers are in favour of more government action in order to address the challenges of climate change - including the introduction of more Government grants and incentives for installing energy-efficient devices.

The research was conducted by RED C Research and Marketing on behalf of Pinergy via an online representative sample of 1047 consumers.