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Save energy during the summer: 5 more top tips

Looking to save energy during the summer months can be just as worthwhile for keeping energy bills lower

Energy saving measures to cut bills are something that many people consider for the long, cold winter months, but they should not be forgotten as soon as the days lengthen and get warmer.

Implementing energy saving processes during the summer will make it even easier when trying to save money on energy bills in the winter.

1. Work together

Getting everyone in a home involved can make energy saving much more effective and fun. There is plenty of literature around to help educate young and old on ways of reducing energy during warmer weather, and challenging everyone to identify more will keep the idea on their mind. Plan plenty of outdoor activities to make the most of any sunny days so that TVs, computers, and video games can be switched off.

2. Make savings in the kitchen

It is possible to cut down on the use of cookers, ovens, and other appliances in the kitchen during hotter months, with lighter meals and salads an option for warmer days. The energy efficiency of a microwave is the best option for cooking and heating food when required and if you own a dishwasher, make sure this is full before switching it on.

3. Eco-friendly showers

Energy saving in the bathroom can be achieved by taking short, cool showers and this is a refreshing way to start and end the day. Consider fitting an eco-friendly shower head, which can reduce water consumption by up to 60% without greatly affecting the quality of a shower. For an average family of four this can save nearly €100 on heating and water bills a year.

4. Home lighting

Changing from traditional to LED light bulbs is a way to greatly reduce the cost of home lighting. The Department of Energy and Climate Change in the UK estimates that when comparing the cost of using both over the average lifespan of an LED bulb, an 80% saving is possible simply by making the switch to LED lighting.

5. Good quality insulation

The importance of good insulation is well known for stopping heat loss in the winter, but it can also play a role in keeping heat out during the warmer months. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers grants for installing insulation and other energy efficiency measures and this can be worth investigating to reduce the cost of fitting out a home with insulation.

Working to keep energy bills low should be a year-round effort and there are plenty of ways to do this during the summer. The energy saving tips above are easy ways to get started in your home in order to save yourself some money by the time winter comes around. You can view many more energy savings tips in our dedicated energy saving guides section.

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