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SSE Airtricity announce price cut of 4% and 2%

SSE Airtricity will reduce its household energy prices saving dual fuel customers on average €58 per year

Today, SSE Airtricity was the second Irish energy supplier to announce a price drop this year. The company is to reduce its household prices for new and existing customers by 4% for natural gas and by 2% for electricity.

SSE Airtricity’s reductions apply to unit rate tariffs as well as standing charges. The price cuts will come into effect from 1 April 2015 and will save the average household €58 per year.

Customers using Pay-As-You-Go meters for gas and electricity will save on average €55 per year. The reduction will apply to around 440,000 SSE Airtricity household customers.

Earlier today SSE Airticity’s parent company Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) became the fifth big six supplier in the UK to cut its standard gas prices, reducing its tariff by 4.1% from 30 April. Last week, Bord Gáis Energy announced it is to cut the unit rate of gas by 3.5% and the unit rate of electricity by 2.5% (roughly €54 a year for the average household). 

Electric Ireland introduced an electricity price cut of almost 2.5% in November 2014. ‘Delivering energy cost savings’ Stephen Wheeler, SSE Airtricity Managing Director, commented: “At SSE Airtricity we are committed at all times to delivering energy cost savings to all our customers. Our approach to buying energy on wholesale markets ensures we can offer prices to customers that are both competitive and stable. “We’ve always made the commitment that if we can lower prices, we will. “I’m pleased today that we’re announcing price cuts to our standard unit rates as well as our standing charges that will save our dual fuel customers €58 on average. In this way we’re delivering on our commitment and making a difference for our customers.”

‘Cuts ‘fall short’; compare for even bigger savings

Eoin Clarke, Head of Switcher.ie, said of the news: “Whilst it’s great to see another supplier cutting prices, single-digit price reductions fall short of the double-digit fall in wholesale energy prices. “Switching suppliers is still the quickest way to save money. There is an incredible €307 per year difference between the best deal on the market and the average standard tariff - so customers should shop around to check that they are on the best tariff. “All eyes will now be firmly on Electric Ireland, Energia and Flogas to follow the lead of Bord Gåis Energy and SSE Airtricity, and cut their prices to help hard-pressed consumers with energy bills.”  

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