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SSE Airtricity launches €180 cashback offer, and the cheapest gas deal

There are new dual fuel tariffs, too, as well as some cashback offers.

We’re heading into a cold snap this weekend, so no doubt we’ll all be ramping up the heating and settling in for a cosy couple of days at home.

Unfortunately, increasing the heat at home only means one thing - a bigger energy bill on the way. But, remember, you could save up to €289 by switching from standard tariffs to the cheapest deals on the market.

This is where SSE Airtricity’s new tariffs could help.

Discounts and cashback on electricity-only plans

SSE Airtricity have a heavily-discounted electricity tariff, called 1 Year Electricity 25 (Direct Debit & eBill), which is one of the cheapest electricity plans on the market.

This plan would cost €938 per year for the average electricity customer, which is a saving of €198.02 compared to standard tariffs.

They also have a cashback offer on their 1 Year Electricity 10 (Direct Debit & eBill) tariff. This plan has 10% discount on the standard unit rate, so the savings aren’t as high, but the €120 cashback could be an attractive option.

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Discounts and cashback on dual fuel plans

SSE Airtricity’s 1 Year Dual Fuel 20/20 (Direct Debit & eBill) comes in with an annual bill of €1,741 for the average customer.

This is one of the cheapest dual fuel deals on the market, and will save the average customer €319 per year when compared to standard tariffs.

Again, there is a dual fuel tariff - called 1 Year Dual Fuel 10/10 (Direct Debit & eBill) - which offers a discount of 10% on both the gas and electricity unit rate, but comes with a huge €180 cashback.

Discounts and cashback on gas-only plans

SSE Airtricity’s 1 Year Gas 20 (Direct Debit and eBill) tariff offers a 20% discount on SSE’s standard unit rate for gas, making it the cheapest gas tariff on the market.

The average annual bill for someone on this tariff is €755.69, which represents a saving of €168 when compared to standard tariffs.

Alternatively, SSE also has a plan called 1 Year Gas 20 (Direct Debit and eBill), which has a smaller discount of 10% off the standard unit rate, but also offers €120 cashback for anyone signing up.

Paying by Direct Debit and receiving bills online

Anyone signing up to these plans has to pay by Direct Debit and receive their bills online in order to be eligible for the discount.

This can be really convenient - and saves you getting paper bills - but if you do go for this option, make sure you review your bills regularly, and submit a meter reading if you receive an estimated bill.

Cashback or a bigger discount?

When comparing plans, it can be difficult to decide between taking the biggest discount possible, or opting for a smaller discount which has a cashback deal.

What you decide is up to you - it really depends on whether you want to see smaller bills over the duration of the discount period, or you’re happy to take a chunk of your savings upfront.

You can compare gas and electricity plans using our free comparison tool, and see how much you can save with various plans, depending on the plan(s) you’re currently on and your usage.

Then, you can check out the cashback and other offers from suppliers and take everything into account before deciding which plan to choose.

The main thing is, switching will save you money either way - so compare deals now and see how much you could save.

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