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SSE plc announce rebrand of energy services

Gas and electricity supplier Airtricity will now operate under the new brand name SSE Airtricity in Ireland

SSE plc has rebranded its Irish energy supply and services business to SSE Airtricity, to signify the growth seen in the company of late.

SSE Airtricity – previously Airtricity – will become the new name for Ireland’s fastest-growing energy utility company.

The gas and electricity supplier is Ireland’s second largest provider, supplying energy to more than 800,000 homes and businesses.

SSE Airtricity is now embarking on notifying all customers of the change, which will appear in all regular communications, including company websites, digital apps, sponsorships and community activities.

The company prides itself on being Ireland’s greenest energy supplier, with half of the energy supplied coming from renewable sources.

Stephen Wheeler, managing director of SSE Airtricity, explained that the energy supplier has so far invested €2 billion in greener energy infrastructure in Ireland – equivalent to €1 million a day.

“With the Airtricity brand we’ve transformed how Ireland generates and uses energy for the better,” he said.

“We’ve brought energy savings totalling over €80 million so far to our customers. And we’ve done more than any other energy provider to revolutionise the customer experience of the energy market.

“Quite simply we’ve been proud to make a difference.”

The energy supplier employs 1,500 people in Ireland across all aspects of the business, from customer support to sourcing and developing renewable solutions.

Part of the company’s massive investment covers the construction of a 480MW combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) at Great Island, County Wexford.

This will significantly decarbonise energy generation on the island, while the rebranding aims to highlight the levels of service being achieved by the company.

“This exciting new development builds on our unique heritage as Airtricity while demonstrating the positive energy that SSE is investing here in Ireland to deliver a sustainable energy future for generations to come,” added Mr Wheeler.

“Most importantly under our new brand name SSE Airtricity we’ll continue to deliver the exceptional customer service, brilliant innovation, greener energy and great value that our customers have come to expect.”

SSE acquired Airticity – known for its renewable energy generation and for providing a respected commercial energy service – six years ago and the company is firmly placed in the FTSE Top 50.

SSE Airtricity has invested more than €3 million into local communities – with 1,500 projects helping to transform communities and sports clubs around the company’s wind farms.

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