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Summer energy savings: Five top tips

Switcher.ie looks at simple but savvy ways households can work to slash their energy bills during the summer months

If you live in Ireland, at this stage you are likely to have your BBQ on standby waiting for the occasional rays of sunshine to peer through the clouds. But the good news is with the official start of summer just around the corner, many of us will be in celebratory spirits as the opportunity for soaking up the sun or energy saving increases.

While your energy bills are likely to be lower during this warmer season, we’ve put together some top tips that will help you improve your household’s energy efficiency even further this summer.

  1. Embrace shower power While soaking in a hot bath is the perfect way to ease the strains and stresses of the day, a quick, refreshing shower is the only way to go when it comes to summer energy saving. While a soak in the tub will consume about 80 litres of hot water, an average eight minute shower consumes just 62 litres – an impressive saving of 30% according to a study by Unilever.

Although some power showers can consume more water than a bath, trading baths for an average shower in the summer is a great way to help the planet and improve your energy efficiency too. With the impending water charges due to come into effect later this year, getting into the habit of taking shorter showers now, will make it easier to save money then.

2. Dry clothes and dishes in the summer sun

If all goes to plan we should be enjoying at least a few scorching days this summer. And with the sun’s rays helping to heat up both the interior and exterior of our home, summer is the perfect time to turn off our dishwashers and tumble driers and let our clothes and dishes dry naturally.

  3. Solar panels = summer energy

Summer is the ideal time to consider installing solar powers, making the most of this valuable renewable energy resource. While there will be an initial outlay for installation, you’ll enjoy free energy for years to come and you won’t need to change energy suppliers. As an added bonus, any additional electricity you don’t use will be sold back into the National Grid through an export meter.

4. Spread the energy efficiency word

Spreading the energy efficiency message to all members of your household as well as family and friends will help to ensure that everyone does their part. This could be anything from reminding the kids when they have left the TV on standby to asking partners to turn off the light every time they leave a room.

5. Capture cool night air

As temperatures in Ireland dip significantly as night falls, opening your windows before you sleep and closing them when you wake up, will ensure that cool air remains in your home.

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