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Ambitious new superfast eFibre broadband from eircom revealed

New eFibre broadband network could eventually reach 1.2 million Irish homes

Yesterday saw the launch of eircom’s exciting new eFibre broadband service, with many predicting that the service is set to have a major impact on download speeds across Ireland.

Switcher.ie, An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD, the media and key figures from the telecommunications industry were all in attendance, to witness this landmark event.

Customers who adopt the service will, according to eircom, be able to enjoy download speeds of up to 70Mb and upload speeds of up to 20Mb, which will represent the fastest upload speed in Ireland.

The company is also keen to point out that they feel the service offers real value at current prices, with the service starting at €40 for individual consumers.

Kevin White, Managing Director, Consumer, eircom, was notably enthusiastic about the service and the impact it is set to have. “eFibre fundamentally changes the online experience for users.

It offers customers superfast broadband at competitive prices,” stated White. “This is the first in a series of announcements that will demonstrate how eircom is offering customers fast, reliable and competitively priced products.

No one else can offer a triple play bundle with efibre, home phone and eMobile, and we won’t stop there, as we move towards introducing Ireland’s first quad-play service,” he added.  

Great news for existing customers

Existing eircom customers that qualify under the terms and conditions will be able to upgrade for free, a fact which is certain to please those who have stayed loyal to the company over the years. Additionally, they will also benefit from access to a free installation, free connection and a free modem.

The promises that eircom are making are certainly ambitious, with the company suggesting that they are eager to reach over 600,000 homes and businesses by the end of 2013. Things will not stop there though. There is still work to be done on the network and the current projections suggest that all elements of it will not be in place until 2015. When that time does eventually come, eircom have suggested that the network will reach as many as 1.2 million homes and businesses across the entire country. Such a scale would represent approximately 60% of the homes and businesses in the entire country, leaving us in no doubt that eircom are keen to become the major player in the Irish superfast broadband market.  

An Taoiseach voices his approval

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, TD was keen to assess the wider benefits of the network as he considered the potential overall impact it could have.

“Encouraging investment in superfast broadband for the benefit of our economy is a key goal for the Government in our efforts to get Ireland working again. I would like to pay tribute to eircom for the ambition and commitment to construct a national fibre network that will be available to all other operators and will directly benefit consumers and businesses throughout the country,” he stated.

The Co. Mayo native is understandably keen to view the news in a wider context as he attempts to get the Irish economy back on track. But when viewed purely from an individual consumer’s point of view, the statistics are quite impressive.  

What customers can expect from eFibre?

Customers are expected to see an average improvement of 6-10 times in terms of their average download speeds, giving a clear indication of the kind of impact that superfast broadband may have in terms of the individual user experience.

Bundles on offer for new customers:


eFibre Advanced

Up to 50Mb download speed

Up to 15Mb upload speed

30GB download allowance

Unlimited Off-Peak local and national calls

€40 per month for the first 6 months

Free setup for existing customers

€40 once-off setup fee for new and returning customers


eFibre Advanced Unlimited

Up to 50Mb download speed

Up to 15 Mb upload speed

Unlimited download allowance

Unlimited Off-Peak local and national calls

€45 per month

Free setup for existing customers

€40 once-off setup fee for new and returning customers


eFibre Ultimate

Up to 50Mb download speed

Up to 20Mb upload speed

Unlimited download allowance

Unlimited Off-Peak local and national calls

€55 per month

Free setup for existing customers

  • €40 once-off setup fee for new and returning customers


A simple price comparison

So how does eircom’s new fibre power broadband and home phone offer compare by price with its main rival UPC?  Switcher.ie has carried out a comparison between eircom’s entry level unlimited fibre power broadband and home phone offer with UPC’s equivalent package. Here is how the results add up: If you compare “eFibre Advanced Unlimited” bundle  with UPC’s counterpart  

“Fibre Power 50 + Anywhere 100” you will notice a fairly substantial difference in cost on a yearly basis. eircom’s package costs €570 a year, while UPC’s package results in a cost of €402 a year. For new and returning eircom customers the yearly cost for the bundle rises to €610 when you take into account the €40 once-off setup fee. However the difference in price can be largely attributed to factors such as the variations in call package features and the difference in upload speed capacity.

With eircom’s offer you get unlimited off-peak local and national calls. UPC offer customers 100 free minutes to Irish mobiles, landlines and twenty one selected international fixed line destinations. eircom appears to have the edge on upload speeds however, offering a service capable of delivering speeds up to 15Mb compared to UPC’s 5Mb.  

eFibre triple play bundles

With a base of approximately two million customers between its Meteor, eMobile, and wholesale network division, eircom are also providing two triple play bundle offers which include attractive options for customers who would prefer to include their broadband, home phone and mobile all on one bill. This represents the only fibre broadband, voice and mobile triple play bundle option in the Irish market at present.

eircom’s future plans

When the eFibre network is completed in 2015, eircom is expected to have the largest fibre broadband network in Ireland. In the shorter term eircom are aiming to upgrade the new fibre network to deliver download speeds up to 100Mb by the end of the year.

The company is also preparing for the launch of their digital TV service which will take place this Autumn - making eircom the first provider in Ireland to deliver a quad-play bundle. The quadruple play offer will enable customers to enjoy broadband, mobile, landline, and Television in the form of a single package.

Only time will tell precisely how much impact the eFibre network will have across the country, but if eircom’s plans are anything to go by, customers in more rural areas should be enjoying much higher speeds by 2015.

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