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Broadband connections now a Christmas essential

Pure Telecom research suggests internet more important than batteries

Half of Ireland’s population couldn’t survive without the internet this Christmas, according to new research from Pure Telecom.

The broadband and home phone provider added that broadband connections have taken from the batteries as an essential item, as only 10% of those questioned said they couldn’t survive without the latter.

Internet use is increasing too, as 86% of the 1,000 people questioned by iReach, on behalf of Pure Telecom, revealed they will buy at least one Christmas present online.

The average person will purcahse six items when shopping online, with the population expected to spend €852 million via the internet this festive season – at an average of €247 per person.

Internet use at Christmas

Pure Telecom suggests good broadband connections will be required for communications on Christmas Day too, as 54% of people will contact friends and family in other parts of the world.

Of those people, 76% said they will use an internet based platform, such as Skype or email while 62% also plan to use a phone.

Some 48% of people also plan to give an internet-connected device as a Christmas present, while a third of households expect to unwrap up to two, and 15% could gift three or more.

More than one in five people will also watch Christmas movies via the internet, relying on quick broadband speeds to use streaming services including Netflix, Apple and Amazon.

Pure Telecom CEO Paul Connell

Broadband connections a festive ‘essential’

Paul Connell, Director of Pure Telecom, described broadband connections as an essential part of modern day Christmas for households.

“From the gifts they will give and receive, to watching their favourite movies, high-speed broadband is crucial to many of the major aspects of Christmas,” he said.

He added that a fast and reliable connection enables customers to try out their presents and talk to loves ones anywhere in the world.

Pure Telecom agreed a €20 million partnership with open eir in 2015 so both residential and business customers can access fast broadband speeds on eir’s 100Mb/s network.

The broadband and home phone provider can also access other networks, including e-Net and BT so customers get the best connection available based on needs and location.

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