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ComReg issues €255,000 fine to Virgin Media over contracts issue

Virgin Media failed to provide 26,046 of its customers with a contract in a durable form.

Yesterday, ComReg announced it is fining Virgin Media €255,000.

Why is Virgin Media being fined?

Well, when you buy a service from a telecoms provider, the Consumer Information Regulations 2013 state that you must be provided with this contract in a durable form.

This rule is in place so that you can be clear on all of the terms and conditions, and charges, involved when you sign up for a service. It also allows you to refer to the contract later if you have any queries on it.

ComReg carried out an investigation, following complaints from Virgin Media customers, and found that Virgin Media failed to provide 26,046 of its customers with a contract in a durable form.

What happens if I am one of those customers?

ComReg has said that it is requiring Virgin Media to communicate with its affected customers individually and provide them with confirmation of their contract in a durable form.

This is to be done by 13 October, so if you are one of the affected customers, you will hear from Virgin Media soon.

In addition to this, Virgin Media will inform affected customers of their right to a 14-day cooling-off period from when they receive communication on this

This means that if you’re affected, you will be able to cancel your contract during this cooling-off period if you wish. Virgin Media will inform anyone affected of how they can cancel their contracts.

Has this ever happened before? What if it happens to me in the future?

This is the first time ComReg has issued a fine like this, and following this investigation, Virgin Media will have to confirm to ComReg that it has put in place the necessary measures to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

If you’re dealing with any telecoms provider in the future and feel you have cause for complaint regarding an issue like this, you should first raise it with the provider and, if not satisfied, escalate the issue to ComReg for follow-up.