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Consumers rely on smartphone apps to organise life, according to Sky research

More than a third of Irish users dependent on ‘Appmin’

More than a third of Irish consumers use smartphone apps to help them with their life admin, according to a new Sky Ireland study.

Some 35% of consumers use technology to help manage day-to-day activities and chores – imaginatively termed ‘Appmin’ by Sky.

According to the digital TV provider, the survey of 850 people in Ireland, highlights the everyday struggles that people have when dealing with personal admin.

The study coincides with the launch of the Sky Service App, designed to give Sky customers control of their account via their smartphone.

An average Irish person spends four days every month doing paperwork, while almost half of consumers described the process as “chaotic”.

Turning to technology can help solve the problem, as Appmin can use applications to store bank statements, pay bills, organise appointments and manage personal information.

This was a particularly popular activity in Meath were 58% of people were ‘appmin’ savvy, while those in Roscommon (50%) and Tipperary (47%) also relied on technology.

It wasn’t the case across all of the country though, as Sky Ireland revealed that only 21% of the population in Carlow relied on smartphone apps for organisation.

Similar figures were recorded among those in Mayo and Cavan too, while time and effort were the two major factors frustrating consumers.

Some 53% said that ‘nothing is ever straightforward’ while 35% said ‘everything takes so long’.

More than half of those in the study also admitted to keeping paperwork for too long, with men more likely than women to then go at least two years without looking at it.

The survey also revealed that the biggest personal admin pet peeve of Irish consumers is having to file paperwork, with renewing car insurance and paying utility bills also making the list.