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Department of Communications announces high speed broadband plans

The Department of Communications will consult on management of its high speed broadband map

The Department of Communications has published a consultation document which sets out its high speed broadband plans for the next five years.

Under EU procurement rules, the high-speed broadband map is required to help ensure that State broadband provision doesn’t crowd out commercial investment.

The three-week consultation announced today will seek industry views on how the high speed broadband map is to be managed in the National Broadband Plan (NBP).

The NBP will provide high-speed broadband access to every home, school and business in Ireland by 2020, with 85% covered by 2018. The State intervention element of the plan will provide high-speed broadband access in areas where it is not commercial for private operators to invest alone. It will go to tender by the end of 2015 and a contract (or contracts) will be awarded in mid-2016.

Minister White said: “This consultation is an important element of the National Broadband Plan because changes in industry investment plans could affect the number and location of homes and businesses in the State intervention area. This consultation is part of the NBP programme and it will not prevent us from meeting our implementation deadlines.”

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