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eircom set to downgrade its eMobile business

eircom looks to rebrand eMobile and its service offering as part of a broader €1.6bn expansion plan

eircom’s ambitious €1.6 bn development plan will entail compression of new technology and services, as well as a downsize of its eMobile operations. The company’s eMobile division will be reduced from an individual business to plain branding of its quadruple play offer which is due this coming September.

The company’s chief finance officer, Richard Matt, said that eMobile was created to be an up market premium brand, but was better off as a proposition, rather than a brand.

eircom is getting ready to join Sky and UPC ahead of the new television launch in September. Chief executive Herb Hribar revealed that the company was still discussing with studios and television companies regarding attaining rights to channels before the launch.

The quadruple play offer will enable customers to enjoy broadband, mobile, landline, and Television in a single bill. According to Hribar, the television package would battle at the noteworthy end of the market. Netflix and iTunes movies will be included in this new service.

Last week a drop of 6% was reported in eircom’s second quarter results bringing the total to €361m. Hribar added that the company will become constant enduring the bleak of one more quarter. The new services to be launched will be used to attract previous and new customers alike.

It is estimated that ericom will be spending upwards of 400m this year alone as part of its 1.6bn investment in its network over the next 6 years.

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