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eircom survey finds children influence household technology purchases

Modern technology found to boost behaviour and society as a whole

Irish people believe that technology is having a positive impact on behaviour and society, according to the latest eircom Household Sentiment Survey.

The bi-annual survey from the broadband, phone and TV provider discovered that technological devices are perceived to improve the commuting experience, help relationships and create more harmonious homes.

However, the temptation to ‘overshare’ content online – especially by parents – can frustrate users of modern technology and social media.

The concept of ‘sharenting’ is relatively new but 5% of the population has admitted to doing it, with many admitting that it was “boring” for others.

Meanwhile, children were also shown to have a greater influence over their parents when it came to purchasing digital devices and other technology.

Children as young as ten were found to affect a parent’s decisions to purchase, although a third of adults questioned believed that the pestering starts at an even earlier age.

eircom Household Sentiment Survey infographic February 2014

A life on-the-go 

According to the survey, eight in ten adults now have access to a device that can use the internet on-the-go, while more than two million people now possess Smartphones – almost two-thirds of the population.

Meanwhile 1.4 million people now have access to a Tablet, an increase of 60% during the last six months. A further 16% said they intend to purchase one in the coming year.

The growing trend for technology was highlighted by the eircom customers who participated in the study, with three-quarters saying it improved their commuting experience.

David Coleman, a Clinical Psychologist, worked with eircom on the survey and highlighted how commuting has changed to be “more social – albeit in a non-conventional way”.

“This does go against the expected outcome that we would become more and more isolated in our digital worlds, resulting in the exclusion of other people,” he said.

“It is heartening that the conversation is continuing, albeit in a different form.”

The positive impact of technology

Technology was also found to boost relationships between friends, colleagues and children, according to the survey, with 83%, 81% and 80% respectively reporting a positive influence for each category.

“The surge in ownership of online devices ‘on the go’ is quite remarkable - we truly are now a nation of Smartphone users,” said Lisa Comerford, Consumer Marketing Director at eircom.

“What’s also intriguing is the rate of change in social media usage, as some sites become popular and others wane.

“This index is now a valuable tool, providing a snapshot of how we are embracing technology in our everyday lives.”

The number of devices in the average home has also increased, from three in February 2012 to four in February 2014.

Meanwhile, those aged between 16 and 24 have access to an average of six potential devices per household, with 95% of this age group used to logging on at least once a day.

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