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enet and Magnet Networks complete backhaul deal

Deal with enhance fibre broadband options for customers in towns across Ireland

Enet has agreed a deal with Irish telecoms firm Magnet Networks to increase available capacity and provide faster broadband speeds to properties on Magnets current network.

The open access fibre and wireless network operator completed the seven figure deal which further strengthens a long-standing relationship between enet and Magnet.

Under the new deal, Magnet will be able to access 100GB circuits on enet’s fibre backhaul network for at least the next five years.

It also includes opportunities to further increase capacity in the future, or to acquire capacity in new towns as and when it is required.

The backhaul deal will mean that Magnet’s customers in Cork, Limerick, Galway, Portlaoise and Waterford can benefit from improved broadband coverage and speeds.

Magnet enhances options for customers

James Canty, Head of Product, from Magnet, said the firm wants to help businesses across Ireland to grow and added that the extra fibre broadband capacity will help boost speed and efficiency for customers.

Enet chief executive Conal Henry added that the deal with Magnet “signals our commitment to delivering world class networks on an open access basis to all Irish licensed telecom service providers”.

He added that the investment in enet’s fibre backhaul network and within the Metropolitan Area Network has provided a “wealth of choice and opportunities” for “delivering the very best services”.

The backhaul capacity will help Magnet to include enet in the provision of services for customers in the towns previously listed and will compliment what is already available.

Enet’s next generation backhaul network will see end-to-end fibre connections provided directly to businesses and homes, enhancing Magnet’s ability to offer superfast fibre broadband services.

This move will enable business customers to take advantage of cloud based services and other options in the digital marketplace.

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