Fibre broadband running along a rural road

enet launches 1 Gigabit-per-second fibre broadband network

Move part of National Broadband Plan to enhance rural broadband coverage

Enet has launched a 1 Gigabit-per-second fibre broadband network in rural North Kerry to showcase its ability to deliver the Government’s National Broadband Plan.

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny officially launched the new high speed fibre broadband network, which forms part of wider plans to enhance rural broadband coverage in Ireland.

Enet chief executive Conal Henry welcomed the National Broadband Plan to extend high speed broadband to all of rural Ireland during the next five years.

The enet network cost €650,000 to construct and develop and provides fibre broadband connections directly to 340 properties in Ballyseedy, County Kerry. Available broadband speeds include 250Mbs and 1Gbs services.

“We’re not here today to promise what we will do, but to demonstrate what we have done,” explained Mr Henry at the launch.

He added that the company’s open access model means that end users can pick from a range of service providers so they can now enjoy “genuinely world class broadband services”.

Eliminating the digital divide between urban and rural areas

Mr Kenny welcomed the high speed fibre broadband network and added that the National Broadband Plan forms “an essential component of the Government’s plan to keep the recovery going by providing the necessary infrastructure for economic growth and job creation”.

He added that the network is a “welcome service” for Ballyseedy as its rural broadband services had “lagged behind for too long”.

“The Government is determined to eliminate the digital divide between rural and urban areas,” Mr Kenny added.

Funding for the enet roll-out as part of the National Broadband Plan was factored in the Government’s capital strategy, Mr Kenny added.

Four service providers are offering services via enet’s network, including Bbnet, Kernet, Permanet and Ripplecom although further providers are expected to join that list in the coming months.

Enet focuses on developing open access fibre and wireless broadband networks across Ireland so that providers can deliver superfast broadband.

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