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European Commission report reveals Irish broadband coverage on the rise

Broadband coverage and penetration on the rise yet still remains lower than EU average

A new report released by the European Commission revealed a 2% increase in Irish broadband coverage in January ‘14 to 96.3%, comparing to the same period the previous year, however Ireland is still behind the EU average of 97.1%

Additionally, Ireland’s broadband penetration rate increased to 26.3% for fixed line broadband, meaning more people are availing of home broadband services.

This rate is is also lower than the EU average of 29.9% however according to the report, this was due to the low population density in some areas of the country and insufficient broadband infrastructure.

According to the EU report, the availability, speed; mainly in the >=30Mbps category, and take-up of broadband has increased since last year, showing an emerging trend of moving to services which provide higher broadband speeds.

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