Purple fibre broadband cable

Fast broadband to arrive in all secondary schools

100Mbs broadband national roll out in second level schools to be completed by end of 2014

A massive initiative to incorporate broadband technology into all secondary schools in Ireland now promises to deliver universal coverage by the end of 2014.

The ability for these schools to embrace a further integration of ICT (information and communications technology) is said to signal a growing shift towards 21st century learning and interaction.

There are currently high-speed broadband connections present in 516 secondary schools throughout Ireland but by the end of the year, it is claimed that the remaining 270 schools will have such capabilities added into the classroom.

These will include schools in numerous counties including Cork, Limerick, Wexford and Kilkenny.

With a large number of secondary schools now able to access such technology, many analysts believe that the entire scope of digital teaching strategies within Ireland will change; further focusing on the rapid distribution of information that broadband systems allow.

The Irish government and educational system have emphasised the idea that education needs to introduce students to the advantages of broadband at an early age.

It is thought that this action will enable students to be equipped with the skills and knowledge that have become necessary to successfully function in the advancing digital age.

This last step will incorporate advice and consultations from a broad range of individuals within the educational community including industry leaders, academics, schools and the parents themselves.

Both the Irish government and the European Regional Development Fund have jointly agreed to complete this venture by the end of the year.

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