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Ireland behind EU in terms of broadband access

Just 67% of Irish households have a broadband connection according to Eurostat survey

Ireland is lagging behind most of Europe when it comes to broadband access, according to a recent survey on usage and internet connections.

The Eurostat survey showed that just 67% of Irish households have a broadband connection, below the EU average of 76%.

However, 82% of households have some sort of internet connection which is above the EU average that currently stands at 79%.

According to the study, 61% of the Irish population uses the internet at least once a day which is the same as the average for the EU.

Those in Denmark and the Netherlands were found to use the internet most, with 84% and 83% using it daily respectively, while just 32% of Romanians accessed the internet on a daily basis.

The number of Irish people who have never used the internet was recorded at 18%, which is below the European average, although some countries recorded figures of 4%.

In terms of using the internet to interact with public authorities, 45% of the Irish population do so, compared to an EU average of 41%.

Reasons for this varied, with 25% wanting to declare income tax and 26% requesting personal documents.

That is one of the lower figures for declaring income tax and is significantly below some countries, namely, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark and Portugal.

A mere 7% of Irish users claimed social security benefits via their broadband connection, while a similar number used it to enquire about enrolment at higher education institutions.

The former of those two figures was more than 50% below the average for the EU, while the latter was also below the European average.

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