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Ireland ranked 15th in the world for fixed broadband speeds

According to Akamai Technologies’ State of the Internet Report, Ireland achieved a global ranking of 15 that makes it particularly competitive in this sphere.

Average measured connection speeds in the final quarter of 2012 stood at 6.6Mbps in Ireland, putting it on a par with Norway and Austria. A number of European nations outperformed Ireland in terms of mean download capabilities. Switzerland shot to first place in Europe, with an average speed ranking of 8.7Mbps, with the Netherlands hot on its heels with 8.6Mbps on average. The Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland were not far behind, and Ireland was also edged out by the likes of Romania, Denmark and Belgium.

Holding its own among the elite

However, the country sat comfortably above the UK, Germany and Hungary and boasted an impressive score in comparison with South Africa, which lagged behind at the bottom of the table with 2.1Mbps on average.

Spain, France and Italy ranked lower than Ireland, with average speeds measuring 4.9, 4.8 and 4.0 respectively, and the Emerald Isle also fared well compared with the United Arab Emirates, Poland and Russia. Despite performing relatively well overall, Ireland registered a negative growth rate both quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year, measuring -1.2% and -6.8% respectively.

Quarter-on-quarter losses ranged from -0.6% (Russia) to -3.3% (Turkey), with Slovakia and Denmark also witnessing negative rates.

While almost a quarter of the countries which participated in the study suffered quarter-over-quarter declines in average connection speeds, year-on-year growth rates were more encouraging. But while the year-on-year growth rates were optimistic overall, Ireland did not fare so well.

The country experienced the worst annual growth rates with a change of -6.8%, a far cry from the 43% growth rate witnessed in Israel.

However we may yet see a reversal of this trend in the coming months, with the huge increase in competition in the broadband market in Ireland set to continue throughout 2013.

With Sky entering the broadband space in recent months andeircom, Vodafone and Magnet about to launch 70Mb Fibre Power broadband services, consumers should see significant improvements with increased broadband speeds all round.

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