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Irish households pay double for broadband compared to rest of EU

New report found that Irish households are paying almost double the EU average cost for broadband and are lagging behind in digital skills

According to a new report Irish homes are paying almost double the EU average for broadband access.

The European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index was published this week and found that Ireland ranks 23rd out of 28 EU member states for fixed broadband value.

For internet connectivity, Ireland placed 16th overall. Around 96% of Irish households are now covered by fixed broadband, while take-up of mobile broadband has increased from 67% to 82% between 2014 and 2015.

When it comes to digital skills, the index found that Ireland ranked 20th out 28 Member States for the digital skills of its population, with only 53% of people having the required skills to operate effectively online.

Irish businesses came in second in the EU for use of e-commerce turnover and social media. Irish SMEs also rank 5th in the EU for selling online, and for use of e-invoices.

At 76%, Ireland exhibits a rate of internet use amongst its population similar to that of the EU average.

Overall Ireland ranked 8th out of 28 Member States. This means Ireland is in the medium-performance category - performing slightly above the EU average.

Last year, Ireland was ranked in 11th place in the index.

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