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Magnet comes out on top in latest Netflix ISP Speed Index

Four of six broadband providers in Ireland see speeds increase in September

The latest Netflix ISP Speed Index results are in and several providers in Ireland are continuing to see their streaming speeds increase.

Magnet completed an eighth straight month at the top after overtaking UPC back in February, while eircom, Vodafone and Digiweb also saw their services quicken.

From the Netflix ISP Speed Index, it is possible to learn which broadband providers in Ireland give the best all-round speed performance on the Netflix platform which streams TV and movies.

UPC experienced a negligible decline in its speed, while Imagine also slowed, albeit not by very much.

Magnet had the fastest broadband speeds, experiencing an average of 2.42Mbps in September, a rise of 0.02 on the previous month. This was 0.53Mbps quicker than nearest rival eircom, who had speeds of 1.89Mbps on average for streams during September.

Vodafone and Digiweb were not far behind however, both registering speeds of 1.86Mbps, while all three companies showed gradual rises from the previous month. eircom increased in speed by 0.02Mbps, as did Vodafone, while Digiweb rose by 0.04Mbps – the highest increase during the month.

Apart from Magnet, the other five providers have seen speeds of between 1.6 and 1.9Mbps since June of 2013, with variation occurring on a very small scale. The Netflix ISP Speed Index results can be a useful indicator for consumers, when it comes to assessing the average broadband speeds between the various providers in Ireland.

Netflix index of internet service providers September 2013

The growth of Netflix 

Netflix has around 40 million members spread out in many countries across the globe – a rise of around ten million in the space of a year. It is proving to be a popular alternative to TV, as it offers programmes on demand and in Ireland the situation is no different. Netflix arrived in Ireland and the UK in January 2012 and the customer base quickly grew to over one million people within the first six months. There is an now an estimated 150,000 subscribers in Ireland according to August figures, although that figure may have grown during the last month.

On a global scale, more than one billion hours worth of content is streamed every month via the site.

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